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  • Carolynns Abdominoplasty 4th Video Diary: Day 3 Post Op

    Carolynns Abdominoplasty 4th Video Diary: Day 3 Post Op

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    Its the third day after Carolynn had an Abdominoplasty with us and here she fills us in on how she feels.


    3 days post operatively


    Three days after her Tummy Tuck

    Carolynn had drains in for a couple of days post operatively which can restrict movement and be a bit of a nuisance so she was delighted to have them removed.Drains remove fluids that accumulate in the wound bed after a procedure.

    Describing more of a tightness than a pain, Carolynne is finding a little strain on her back due to restricted sitting however In her own words shes ‘feeling good today’ and showing off her post op body. No more hiding behind pillows and goodbye to the flowy dresses!





    Part 1:


    Part 2:

    You can catch up with Carolynns video diary exclusively on the Avoca Clinic blog. Keep an eye out for her next video to see how her recovery progresses.

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