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  • Ciara Drea’s Eighth Breast Augmentation Video Blog

    Ciara Drea’s Eighth Breast Augmentation Video Blog

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    “I can’t believe how quick I’ve recovered!”

    In Ciara Drea’s latest video blog for The Avoca Clinic following her Breast Augmentation surgery with 450cc implants, she updates us on how she is getting on two weeks after surgery. She has just had her stitches removed and whilst she says that is was one of the things she was dreading the most she found that in the end she didn’t feel a thing and was in and out in around ten minutes.

    She lets us know that everything is going well and that she is now back in work after a week off. She says that she can’t believe how quickly she has recovered and that it feels like she has had her new breasts for months. She adds that the staff have been amazing, supportive and have answered any questions she had and have made the whole experience extremely straightforward for her.

    Finally, Ciara tells us that she has her next follow up appointment on the 8th of August and hopes that she will get the go ahead to take her support bra off.

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