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  • Ciara Drea’s Second Breast Augmentation Video Blog

    Ciara Drea’s Second Breast Augmentation Video Blog

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    “I know exactly what’s happening and when it’s happening”

    Here is Ciara Drea’s second video for the Avoca Clinic. Ciara explains how she is preparing two days before her Breast Augmentation surgery at The Avoca Clinic. She explains how she is delighted to have her operation early in the morning so as not to spend all day thinking about it beforehand. Ciara also tells us that she was told to bring slippers, a night dress, comfortable clothes in general to help with the post-operation recovery time in the Clinic.

    The actual surgery itself will take only 50 minutes to an hour approximately but Ciara will stay with us in the clinic for 3-4 hours post-surgery which she says has calmed her nerves a lot. She describes the whole process so far as “really efficient” and that she knows “exactly what’s happening and when it’s happening”.

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