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  • Lindseys Breast Augmentation Journey: Fourth Video Blog

    Lindseys Breast Augmentation Journey: Fourth Video Blog

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    Its Day Three after her Breast Augmentation and in her fourth Breast Augmentation Video Blog Lindsey is following her post operative instructions,minding herself and taking it easy.

    Lindsey Before Pic

    Lindsey Before Pic

    She is struggling with washing herself and also sleeping on her back. Other than that she is delighted, feels more “tingly” than pain and is looking forward to the swelling going down a bit. Lindsey has discomfort under neath her arms, due to muscle swelling and so she is taking anti-inflammatarys to help with the discomfort. In the coming weeks Lindsey she will notice a gradual softening of her breasts and they will ‘drop’ slightly also to give a more natural full shape. See her latest Video Blog below:





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