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  • Phoebe McVey begins her journey with The Avoca Clinic

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    When model Rachel Wallace shared her breast augmentation journey last month, there was one woman who was paying attention even more than most. Galway-based Phoebe McVey is a model, bikini body builder and a hairdresser. But before all that, she’s a mum.

    Avoca Clinic patient Phoebe

    Phoebe at Irish Muscle RIBBF this year

    After she had her son Kai (now one year old), she got straight back into her training. Photos of her at competitions such as Fitness Extravaganza Ireland (where she came first in the bikini category) prove that this lady is not your average mum. It can be a little bit hard to understand then, when Phoebe explains that her body is still far from her ideal.

    “We all have something about ourselves we don’t like and I’m one of them. All women want curves. When you don’t have them, and you’re relying on Penny’s maximizer bras and there’s nothing there to boost it’s just disheartening.”

    It was after breast-feeding Kai as a baby that Phoebe saw the difference in her breasts.

    “After two months of breast feeding, I was left very flat-chested. Then I started weight lifting which made it even worse. Before I got pregnant I had a small C cup, then I went down to an A cup and my self-esteem went downhill.”

    Phoebe competing at Irish Muscle Extravaganza

    Phoebe competing at Irish Muscle Extravaganza

    When she heard about Rachel, she immediately began following her journey and watching her video blogs.

    “I really admired Rachel for being so honest and confident. I’m a big believer in the idea that if you can change something you’re not happy with, then change it.”

    It was enough for her to make the decision that she wanted the procedure too.

    “I know there are more important things in life than having boobs, but this procedure is for me. I never spend anything on myself because I have a little boy and bills to pay. This is for my self-esteem and for my confidence, and it’s not for anyone else.”

    Avoca Clinic patient Phoebe

    Phoebe with her boyfriend

    When she had her consultation with Dr Jean Philippe Salmin, she had plenty of questions ready. She asked about breast cancer screening when you have implants (yes, you can still get mammograms) and breast feeding (you can breast feed with implants).

    “The staff were so nice and the doctor was great. I’m over the moon that I’m finally doing it.”

    The surgery is scheduled for mid-December, and she’s both very excited and nervous. She also plans to share her journey, through video blogs and updates just like Rachel.

    When she announced this to followers of her fitness diary on Facebook, she said that “this post might get a bit of stick for being so public, but I’m only happy to share my journey and experience with others”.

    The comments came in thick and strong, but they all said around the same thing: “You go with what makes you happy, you deserve it.” “Best of luck! Go for it” and “Do whatever makes you happy lady!”

    You can follow Phoebe’s journey exclusively on The Avoca Clinic website.