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    *Disclaimer – There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from patient to patient. Our team of consultant plastic surgeons will ensure you are in safe hands and discuss your results at your consultation.

    Maria Redmond Breast Reduction Video Diary

    We often hear about women suffering from low-esteem because of their smaller breast size but women with larger breasts can also face the same confidence issues. Maria Redmond recently underwent breast reduction surgery at The Avoca Clinic and she decided to document her journey in a video diary which you can watch below.

    Siobhan OH Fitness Breast Augmentation Video Diary

    Siobhan is a personal trainer and online coach who once upon a time, struggled with her weight. She’s since turned her life around and not only transformed her own body to one that she is happy with, but is now helping others to do the same. In July 2016, Siobhan underwent a breast augmentation at the Avoca Clinic and documented her experience every step of the way in the video diary below.

    Jessica Kavanagh Breast Augmentation Video Diary

    Jessica Kavanagh, is an RIBBF Bikini Fitness competitor and current Miss Bikini Ireland. Due to her low body fat and the importance of symmetry in her sport Jessica decided to have a breast Augmentation with the Avoca Clinic. You can watch the video diary of her journey below.

    Lindsey’s Breast Augmentation Video Diary

    In 2015, Lindsey Kelly, a 28 year old mum from Kildare attended a consultation with one of our Consultant Plastic Surgeons, and after using our state of the art Breast Suite, she decided to have a Breast Augmentation. She then decided to document her journey with Video blogs. You can watch her breast augmentation journey below.

    Carolynne’s Abdominoplasty Video Diary

    Here at The Avoca Clinic, We love when our patients decide to document their journey with us. Carolynne, a 30 year old mum of two, decided to share her Diary of her Abdominoplasty .Check out her videos below.

    Louise Quinn’s Breast Uplift Video Diary

    Back in 2014, Louise Quinn, 33, a mum of one and a personal trainer who regularly competes in the figure category of Body Building Competitions  has a Breast Uplift with Implants at The Avoca Clinic. You can watch her journey with us in the video series below.

    Susan Ward’s Tummy Tuck Video Diary

    In 2014, Susan Ward, 36, is a busy mum of five from Dublin came to The Avoca Clinic for Abdominoplasty surgery and documented her Tummy Tuck journey every step of the way in the video diary below.

    Phoebe’s Breast Augmentation Video Diary

    Phoebe McVey is a body-builder, model and mum. She came to The Avoca Clinic recently to talk about a breast augmentation. After her consultation with Dr. Jean-Philippe Salmin, she decided she wanted to have the surgery and documented her journey in the video diary below.

    Rachel Wallace Breast Augmentation Video Diary

    Irish model Rachel Wallace had a breast augmentation with The Avoca Clinic in October 2013. The then 23-year old decided to share her journey through a series of video blogs, explaining her reasons for getting the surgery, the consultation process, and her recovery.