Breast Reduction Facts By Amanda Brunker

March 11, 2013

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Amanda Brunker

Amanda post Breast Reduction

LEGALLY every woman who has breast surgery, whether a reduction or an implant, needs to have tissue sent off to be tested for cancer. My surgeon informed me he removed several cysts – which I was already aware that I had – but I got the results back this week that they were all benign.

Techniques have improved and women no longer need to have what’s called ‘Anchor Scarring’ – I had ‘Lollipop Scarring’, which involved an incision around the nipple and left just a line down underneath it.

The operation took two hours and I was out of the hospital the next morning. It is six weeks before you’re allowed to exercise and it takes at least three months before all the swelling goes down and the breast falls into place.

There should be no sun on the scar for at least six months after surgery, though I reckon fake tan might be smeared across them in the next few weeks

Brunker’s Real World: Real Breast Reduction Facts… was originally published in The Sunday World.

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