Amanda Brunker Tickle Liposuction

July 30, 2019

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“I wanted to look the way I felt, and even though I had lost 20lbs, I couldn’t lose it off my back. So I treated myself to some Tickle Liposuction.”

Presenter and novelist Amanda Brunker recently had Tickle Liposuction treatment at The Avoca Clinic and took to social media to share the results on her Instagram profile. Amanda had been dieting for some time but found it difficult to lose the weight off her back so decided to treat herself to the recently developed procedure which produces results similar to traditional Liposuction methods but with less downtime and without the need for general anaesthetic.

Amanda turned 45 this year and said that she decided to have the surgery because ‘heck, I was turning 45, what was I waiting for?’

On her Instagram post showing the before and after photos from the treatment, Amanda had the following to say:

“Ok, I must be mad… but here is a before and after shot of my body. I feel a bit sick showing you my body before #TickleLiposuction – apart from not having any tan on, it reflects an old tired me. Last year I found myself quite sick, pains throughout my whole body, my insides didn’t work very well either. So I decided I need to make a change myself. I improved my diet. Removed my old silver fillings. Started to eat and wash with organic products as much as I could. Took @cbd1uk It was a slow process but I healed. Feeling stronger – I wanted to look the way I felt, and even though I had lost 20lbs, I couldn’t lose it off my back. So I treated myself to some #tickleliposuction – heck I was turning 45, what was I waiting for? I have to say, I’m chuffed with myself. It’s not a small op, but I don’t smoke so I heal well. According to my surgeon, I’m still only halfway healed, so I’m now on the hot baths to aid the shrinking. @theavocaclinic never asked me to share these pix, but I thought why not. Instagram can’t be all glossy. Now I’m off to hide!”

The results speak for themselves and the reaction to her post has been overwhelmingly positive:



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