Avoca Clinic Review: Lorna’s Story

January 27, 2014

*Disclaimer – There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from patient to patient. Our team of consultant plastic surgeons will ensure you are in safe hands and discuss your results at your consultation.

32-year-old mother of three, Lorna*, came to the Avoca Clinic two months ago for a breast augmentation. Here is her story:

Having breastfed three hungry babies over ten years, and having never really been happy with my breast size, I decided last November that I was finally going to have my breasts augmented. I chose The Avoca Clinic for an initial consultation.

The girls were lovely to deal with whilst setting up the appointment and offered as much information as possible. I met with my surgeon, Dr. Dalia Tobbia, in mid-November. The clinic itself is a lovely clean, calm and discreet building. I was able to bring my husband in with me which put me at ease before we began.

My consultation was extremely lengthy and useful. Dalia went through all aspects of the surgery, we discussed the risks as well as the surgery process itself, the recovery and how I was likely to feel after. She measured me as I was and went through what size would suit me and what kind of a result I would achieve from different sizes.  I felt that she really took the time to listen to me, to what I wanted and to how I felt about everything.

The Breast Suite was great as I was able to “try on” my new breasts. It gave me a great idea as to how I would look afterwards and with different tops on etc. I was so comfortable with the clinic and my surgeon that I would have had it done there and then if I could have!

I booked in for the next available appointment and luckily I only had to wait two weeks. During this time I had a pre-op with a nurse who took an extensive medical background.

On the day itself, I was booked in for 7am. The nurse, who was absolutely wonderful, was with me from the start, and again I was very comfortable. Dalia came to see me again before surgery, she went through the markings, i.e exactly where the implant was going, my recovery and what to expect when I woke.

I was in theatre for 8am and woke back in my own room at 9:30am. I was a little uncomfortable but the nurse gave me painkillers and I was sitting up having a cup of tea shortly after.

Dalia came to see me again a little while later and gave me a good look at my breasts before I was bandaged. I loved them even then! I live about 2 hours away from the clinic and was home by 6pm that same day! I found the care in the clinic was fantastic and was especially happy with my surgeon as she did a perfect job!

I am now 8 weeks out and have found the whole process a very positive experience. I was uncomfortable for 4 days after but I just took paracetamol and that was enough for me.

My breasts are even better than I expected. The incisions are as small as they could be to allow the implant to be placed, but my scars are great. Dalia used surgical glue on the outside and this ensured no infection and good flat scars. My breasts actually look totally natural, my friends who have seen them cannot get over them and one lady will definitely be booking in soon!

All in all I cannot speak highly enough about the team, the process and my outcome. I would definitely recommend them to anybody considering the surgery!

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You might also be interested in reading about past patient Rachel Wallace’s breast augmentation journey, and our Breast Augmentation FAQs. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them. Call us on 01 201 4563 or contact us through our online contact form.


*Patient discretion is one of the most important parts of our service, so of course Lorna is not the patient’s real name.

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