Avoca Clinic Review: Louise’s Breast Reduction

April 7, 2014

*Disclaimer – There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from patient to patient. Our team of consultant plastic surgeons will ensure you are in safe hands and discuss your results at your consultation.

Avoca Clinic patient Louise* had a Breast Reduction with Dr. Jean-Philippe Salmin six weeks ago and is delighted with the results. Here is Louise’s Story:

From the time my breasts started growing, they quite simply didn’t stop. I never had perky breasts, they always hung low and hiding them was a task in itself. I would walk slouched over and carry things in front of me to try and avoid the comments that people felt completely at ease in passing.

From sun up to sun down my aim was to fly under the radar. As I got older, my breast not only caused discomfort during the day, but at night, I needed to sleep with a bra on and with a pillow to my side to offer some support. My shoulders were indented with marks from the bra straps and the pain in my neck was awful.

I can talk about the physical pain, but to be honest it was the mental pain that having 40HH breasts that was worse. Nobody held back in voicing their opinions on my appearance and a lot of my teens, twenties and thirties involved sitting across from people agreeing that my breasts were insane. I would pretend the comments didn’t embarrass me, I would walk away, crying and promising myself that the breast reduction would happen soon.

And quite simply, the cloud lifted one day, I was shopping trying to find an outfit for a wedding, and like all women, I wanted to look amazing, but unless it was a tent or something that was very revealing, there just wasn’t anything to fit me. I’m not thin and never will be, but I’m not obese either, clothes fitted, just not across my breasts. So I walked out of the shopping centre and rang The Avoca Clinic.

An appointment was made for me to speak with the surgeon, Jean Philippe Salmin. He put me at ease straight away by his professionalism and confidence. I then spoke to Naomi who spoke about the financial end of things and who arranged the dates for my surgery. Before I knew it, it was all systems go and I really was ready to go!

I was looked after from the first phone call I made and to this date 5 months on I still feel I can pick up the phone if I have a query.

The day of my surgery was filled with the usual worry but excitement defiantly out played that After the surgery I woke up although groggy, I felt no pain, and the nurses were on hand through the night to offer any assistance I required. The pain never kicked in for me, I never felt it, I took my medication for the remainder of the time, took it easy and waited to get strong enough to go out shopping for new underwear. The scaring is fading already and is a very small price to pay for my reduction.

For anybody who is thinking of having this surgery, I would say do it and do it with Avoca, they gave me more than they will ever probably know and they genuinely care. I went to Avoca to get a breast reduction and came away feeling like my demons were well and truly left in the past.

*As always, patient confidentiality is our priority so Louise is not her real name.

If you would like any further information on Breast Reduction call us on 01 201 4563 or get in touch with us via our online contact form.

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