Maria Redmond: The Day of Her Breast Reduction Surgery

October 14, 2016

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It’s The Day of Maria’s Surgery

This is the second blog from Maria Redmond ahead of her breast reduction surgery at The Avoca Clinic.

Previously Maria spoke to us about her excitement ahead of the operation and her reasons for undertaking this big step. Having suffered from years of back pain, anxiety and unwanted attention, Maria is ready to undergo a breast reduction and begin a new and exciting chapter in her life.

Video Summary

In this video diary, we catch up with her on the day of her surgery. Having fasted overnight and removed all make-up and nail varnish, Maria has completed all of the routine pre-surgery steps and is hours away from her visit to The Avoca Clinic.

Although Maria has no reservations ahead of the breast reduction, she voices concerns about how mobile she will be post-op.  After she’s been discharged from The Avoca Clinic, she’ll be staying with her parents for a night, so will have lots of help at hand.

However, Maria is still worried that she won’t be able to lift her arms above her chest after the surgery. To ease her concerns, she has moved things around in her apartment so they’re easily reachable when she returns home. She hopes to be as comfortable as possible whilst in recovery.

With the minutes ticking by, she’s still looking forward to the surgery and can’t wait to see the results. If you’re interested in following Maria’s journey, make sure to watch her day after surgery video diary.

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