Maria Redmond: Two Week Check Up

November 2, 2016

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In Maria’s sixth video blog, she catches up with us after her two-week check up at The Avoca Clinic.

Previously, Maria had spoken about her post-surgery beauty routine and her low energy levels, but today she’s feeling full of energy as she meets the aftercare team.

Two Week Check Up

Video Summary:

Maria has just had her two-week check-up, where the team at The Avoca Clinic cleaned up the surgical area and made sure all of her stiches had dissolved. To her delight, she’s also finally allowed have full body showers again.


Maria was also advised on breast after-care, and was told to massage the breast area to help increase blood flow, as well as aid the recovery of nerve endings.

She says she has noticed the benefits of following the doctor’s advice, and can feel the odd tweak in her breasts as the muscles return to functionality.


Maria mentions that she would feel a bit vulnerable without the comfort blanket of her support bra, or as she’s christened it ‘my SWAT vest’. Even though she’s getting stronger every day, the support bra is a great asset in her recovery.

She has to wear the bra for another four weeks but she can imagine that the longer she wears it, the better. As a testament to her speedy recuperation, she says that she woke up this morning on her side, which is great news because as she said in an earlier video, you’d have woken yourself up in pain previously.

So far everything is going great and the only discomfort Maria feels is when she makes a sudden movement. Maria’s next visit to the Avoca Clinic won’t be for another week and a half, where she’ll be signed off by her surgeon.

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