Breast Augmentation FAQ

September 24, 2013

*Disclaimer – There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from patient to patient. Our team of consultant plastic surgeons will ensure you are in safe hands and discuss your results at your consultation.

We know that the decision to have cosmetic surgery is a big one. We encourage patients to ask questions, and understand that our answers inform their decision on the surgery and the surgeon.
Here are the most common questions we get, answered by our surgeons and medical team.

  • What is breast augmentation?

    A breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic operation we perform. It alters the shape and size of your breasts with a synthetic implant surgically inserted behind the breast.

  • Where will the incision be made to put in the implant?

    There are three main places for incision (cut) to be made; in the crease under your breast (inframammary), under your arm (transaxillary) and around the nipple (peri-areolar). Your surgeon will decide the procedure and size of incision that will best suit your body, the implants chosen, and your body shape.

  • What’s the difference between under the muscle and over the muscle insertion?

    Implants may be placed either on top of the pectoralis muscle but under the breast tissue (this is known as subglandular insertion) or partially beneath the pectoralis muscle (submuscular insertion).

  • What is the most common incision site used in the Avoca Clinic?

    Inframammary is the most common incision site we use, but at your consultation your surgeon will discuss the best method for you.

  • What is in a breast implant?

    All breast implants have an outer shell of silicone elastomer (a very strong synthetic shell) and are filled with either silicone gel or sterile salt solution (saline). Here at The Avoca Clinic we use silicone implants only as most women feel that silicone breast implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue.

  • What is the most common implant you use?

    We use Nagor and Mentor ranges of implants. Nagor implants are made in the UK, and have an excellent reputation for quality and a lifetime warranty. The implant we use the most of in their range is called the Impleo Implant: it is a  premium round implant with a textured surface filled with high cohesive silicone. However there are many choices of shape and size and profile for implants.

    At The Avoca Clinic we also use Mentor Breast Implants. Mentor, a Johnson & Johnson brand, has been producing the highest quality of implants for more than 20 years. They are approved by the FDA (US Food and Drugs Administration), come with extensive warranties and exceed CE and MHRA testing standards following more than 20 years of clinical data. They are also one of the worldwide leading providers of breast implants.

  • What’s the difference between round and tear-drop shaped implants?

    Round implants add volume to the upper part of the breast giving a lifted look. Tear-drop shaped (anatomical) implants are more in keeping with the natural shape of the breast, so may be considered depending on the desired result.

  • What is the ‘profile’ of an implant?

    ‘Profile’ refers to how far the implant will stand out. There are a variety of different profiles designed for different women and the looks they want to achieve. High and extra high are the largest, while medium and low are more subtle. Your surgeon will advise you which profile will best suit your breasts.

  • How will I know what type, size and shape of implant is for me?

    You will discuss the size and shape with your surgeon, who’ll take into account your body size and natural shape.They’ll be able to advise on whether such shape and size is possible for your body.

    In the Avoca Clinic, our Breast Suite has a visualisation system so women can see what the different sizes and shapes will feel and look like on their own body.

  • What kind of anaesthesia does Avoca offer?

    We carry out all our breast surgery under general anaesthetic.

  • Where are the surgeries performed?

    Breast Augmentations are performed in our own private, purpose built, multi-disciplinary surgery and aftercare facility. We have access to the very latest procedures and techniques in the cosmetic surgery industry.

  • Is there a private room for recovery for patients?

    Yes, we have six private rooms.

  • What’s the time period between the initial consultation and the surgery?

    Each patient is different, so we cater your cosmetic surgery process to suit your needs. We follow the British Cosmetic Surgery Guidelines, which recommends a one week cooling off period after initial consultation before an operation date should be discussed.

  • What appointments are required before and after the procedure?

    Before your surgery you have a full consultation with one of our plastic surgeons, following this you will have a pre-operative assessment with our dedicated nurse in charge of pre-operative care. After surgery, you have two appointments with our specialist post-operative nurse, and then a six week check-up with your plastic surgeon. This is followed up by review appointments at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

  • Are all these appointments included in the overall price?

    Everything is included in our price, there are no hidden costs.

  • Who do I discuss prices with?

    Our surgeons never discuss money with patients, as we feel a surgical consultation should be focused on the needs of the patient and understanding the benefits and risks of the procedure. Patients discuss payments and prices with a dedicated member of our consultation team.

  • What is the average recovery period for your patients?

    Recovery time from a breast augmentation varies from patient to patient. A recent survey we carried out showed that most women were back at work within 5-7 working days following this procedure.

  • Can I be assured of discretion at every stage?

    Absolutely. Our location guarantees privacy and discretion is an important part of our business.

If you have any more questions, we’d be happy to answer them. Call us on 01 201 4563 or get in touch via our online contact form.

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