Phoebe McVey’s Final blog: Before and After pictures

May 2, 2014

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Bodybuilder Phoebe McVey came to The Avoca Clinic for a breast augmentation in December 2013. She shared her entire journey in a breast augmentation blog, and today is her final blog.

Phoebe McVey: Before and After Photos

Phoebe filmed her journey with the Avoca clinic from start to finish, including why she decided to have a Breast Augmentation, How she found the recovery, and all the bits in between.

Phoebe McVey before and after pics

Phoebe McVey: before and after

Here is Phoebe’s final words on her procedure, five months later:

“I just want to say how much I love them. I couldn’t be happier with the results. They have given me so much confidence. I literally had A cups after breast feeding and that really made me down. I ended up a C cup and the size is perfect for my shape as everyone is different. Thank you again Avoca x

Phoebe McVey post-op as Titan Ambassador If you missed any of Phoebe’s journey, you can catch up by learning about her reasons for getting the surgery here, or follow her journey from the beginning.

You might also be interested in reading about past patient Rachel Wallace breast augmentation journey, and our Breast Augmentation FAQ. If you have any questions, we would happy to talk to you. If you want to request more information or a consultation you can call us on 01 201 4563, or use the online contact form.

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