Carolynn 5th Video Blog: “Its surreal to see my tummy so flat”

September 30, 2015

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Time has flown by and Carolynn, 30, is now 2 weeks into her recovery from her Lipoabdominoplasty with The Avoca Clinic.

carolynne standing

Before her Tummy Tuck Surgery

She cant stop smiling and was relieved to see her new and improved belly button is “lovely”.We are delighted to hear how happy Carolynn is and she find it “surreal to see how flat her tummy is”. Unfortunately the binder she must wear for

20 days days after surgery. Attending a wedding.
20 days days after surgery. Attending a wedding.

6 weeks is uncomfortable, however it will be worth it in the end.Her best piece of advice for all patients having surgery: Give Yourself Time To Heal.

Carolynn has a wedding coming up and is hoping to be able to wear one of her new fitted dresses without her Binder.We are delighted to confirm that she could and looked fab attending her first wedding with her new body!




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