Ciara Drea’s Ninth Breast Augmentation Video Blog

August 19, 2017

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“I’ve had absolutely no complications whatsoever – so I’m really really happy!”

Ciara Drea recently had her four-week checkup with The Avoca Clinic following her Breast Augmentation surgery last month and checked in with us again for her latest video blog.

She tells us how her surgeon has told her that she no longer needs to wear her support bra and that she is back working and will be gradually getting back into cardio and lightweight training over the coming weeks.

Check out the before & after transformation clip below to see the effect of Ciara’s Breast Augmentation surgery.

giphy (19)

Ciara is a bodybuilder and bikini competitor (RIBBF Bikini champion 2017 spring classic and Overall Bikini Champion2017) and decided to have Breast Augmentation surgery with 450cc implants with The Avoca Clinic last month. Click here to read in detail why she decided to have the surgery and why she chose our clinic.

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