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Contour Facelift - available exclusively at The Avoca Clinic

Women may begin to lose elasticity in their skin from their early 40s and gravity starts to show particularly on the neck and face. More and more men and woman are having face lift surgery to tighten the neck and jaw line and smooth out the mid face. Along with this procedure, they may also decide to have upper or lower lid surgery.

What Is a Contour Facelift?

An incision is made from behind the ear, extending around it and toward the hairline. From this incision, muscles are tightened below the skin, before the skin is pulled horizontally across the face. In a MACS lift, muscles are still tightened, but the skin is draped vertically, resulting in a more natural correction of the effects of gravity., under a more mild combination of anaesthetic. Similarly, side effects during recovery and overall recovery time tend to be shorter from the MACS procedure. Patients are ready to ‘ face ‘ friends and family after 7-8 days.

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The many benefits of Contour Facelift include:

  • Long lasting results
  • Minimal downtime
  • No bandages or drains
  • Minimal bruising
  • 2 hour procedure
  • Day case procedure
  • Immediate Results

What our clients have been saying:

“Amazing surgeon from consultation right through to the aftercare”

“He is professional, genuine, knowledgeable, calm and reassuring. Everything you want when considering major surgery”