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August 28, 2017

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Last year, makeup and beauty blogger Aisling Murray AKA DramaticMac blogged about her lip filler experience with The Avoca Clinic. Aisling explained how she was looking for something that would look understated (she was given 1ml of Juvederm) and that she was very happy with the results saying that “Dr Mark Hamilton was amazing, I urge any of you who are interested and live in Ireland to go see him. The girls and guys in the Avoca clinic made me feel very welcome and I was put at ease straight away.”

Here is her video from last year about her experience at The Avoca Clinic:


One Year On

Aisling tells us that the reason it worked out so well for her last year is because she did her research and “went to a reputable company” and that she found it “remarkable” so she returned for a second time in May of 2017 (her first visit being in April 2016). She explains that she decided to get lip fillers in the first place as she was unhappy with the volume in her lips but emphasizes the importance of researching the available options before she made her decision to have the treatment saying “you need to know all the facts before you can make a well-rounded decision”.


“They know exactly what they’re doing”

One of the most commonly asked questions Aisling gets asked regarding her lip filler treatment is “does it hurt?”. She explains that whilst the procedure is not completely pain-free, and depends on the patient’s pain threshold, it is by and large a smooth process and you are given a numbing cream to dull the pain. The first time she had lip filler at the clinic, Aisling was given 1ml Juvederm injections but for her second visit in May she was given Restylane injections. Whilst she was delighted with the effects from both injections she tells us that the Restylane injections gave a more natural feeling which she prefers.

Aisling explains how her surgeon did not inject directly into her lips in order to avoid “lumping” which is a common side-effect of lip fillers when not performed properly adding that the surgeons at The Avoca Clinic “know exactly what they’re doing, they’re actual surgeons, professionals – they know what they’re at and they’re not just someone whose licensed to inject.”

In terms of bruising, Aisling explains that after her first visit for lip filler at the Avoca Clinic, she had minor bruising for 2 to 3 days but that there was none at all after her second visit in May 2017, apart from a little swelling which is to be expected. She explains how she has no regrets over her decision to get lip filler, emphasizing the non-permanent nature of the procedure and touches on the stigma associated with such treatments. She adds that she has the support of all her friends and family and says that “If somebody is doing something to themselves and it doesn’t affect you in any way shape or form then you should just let them do what they want to do if it makes them happy that is amazing – I think happiness is one of the most important things in life, and health, so let them do what they like!”.

“They’re the only clinic that I’d recommend”

Another question that Aisling gets asked frequently about her lip filler experience is “how long do they last?” and “how often do you have to go back?”. She tells us that there were thirteen months in between getting them done the first time and the second time and that she is planning on returning around April of next year. She adds that how often you have to go back will vary from person to person and depends on how much they are looking to get done but that generally, a patient will need to go back between six and nine months after each treatment. Personally, Aisling feels that she needs fewer top-ups to get the desired effect she is looking for whereas others would need to go back more frequently to maintain the fullness of their lips.

Aisling concludes her video blog by saying that The Avoca clinic is the only clinic in Ireland that she would recommend, that she has never had any negative side effects and that she is “delighted so much with everything that they do in there, and the way they treat you – and it’s such a gorgeous place as well – it’s really relaxing!”. Finally, she suggests getting in touch with the Avoca Clinic if lip-fillers are something you have been thinking about and have questions or would like to book a consultation.


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