How Safe is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

August 23, 2013

*Disclaimer – There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from patient to patient. Our team of consultant plastic surgeons will ensure you are in safe hands and discuss your results at your consultation.

The decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery is important yet exciting. You will probably have lots of questions about the process before you take that final leap to your new physique.  One of the first questions women ask us is if the surgery is safe.

Breast Augmentation surgery comes with the same potential complications as any other surgery

In a word, yes, a breast augmentation surgery is safe. However, it does come with the same possible complications as any other form of routine surgery with an anaesthetic. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that you undergo the safest breast augmentation surgery possible. Here are three tips which should steer you towards great, safe breast augmentation results.

1. Do Your Own Research

It is important that you research all your options. The main thing is to view the HSE Cosmetic Surgery Guidelines which are published on our website.

2. Ask Questions

The best clinics want you to ask questions and will go out of their way to answer all your questions honestly and completely. The more questions you ask, the more realistic your expectations will be, and the more insight you will get into their patient care. Clinic staff will take their time to bring you through all your concerns, what happens during the procedure, what to expect when you wake up, as well as any other concerns you might have. You might find it helpful to read this list of frequently asked questions about breast augmentation, and the answers from our medical team.

3. Make sure you meet your surgeon beforehand, and you are comfortable with what they are saying they will do for you

Great clinics will be with you every step of the way and make sure that you are 100% confident in your decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The reality of the matter is that you are putting your body in the hands of someone else. You need to be certain that you trust this person. Be sure to ask all the ‘what-if’ questions. If they cannot answer you clearly, confidently and competently, maybe you should look for a better alternative.

Breast Augmentation at The Avoca Clinic

Here at The Avoca Clinic, we pride ourselves in following the highest standard of surgery best practices. Our patients’ safety and welfare is the most important thing for us. Our surgeons are specially trained in breast surgery, and we only work with surgeons who are on the Specialist Register with the Irish Medical Council – so they are the best in their field.   We have a state of the art theatre and a highly qualified medical team. Furthermore, we offer unlimited 24-hour aftercare and all our implants carry a lifetime guarantee.  You can rest assured you will have the safest and highest quality of breast augmentation surgery possible.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, and you want to have the reassurance of being in safe hands, get in touch. Call us on 01 201 4563 or get in touch with us via our online contact form.

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