Introducing Carolynne: Diary of an Abdominoplasty

August 25, 2015

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Here at The Avoca Clinic, We love when our patients decide to document their journey with us. Carolynne, a 30 year old mum of two, has decided to share her Diary of her Abdominoplasty .Check out her Video below.

“I’m a 30 year old wife & working mum of 2 girls, 8 years old & 3. I have a relatively healthy diet (Mon – Fri) and I go to the gym 2-3 times a week, running is my hobby, however, no matter how much I exercise or diet – my tummy remains unchanged. I have a busy career life, and the pain, stress and worry over my tummy has come to a stage that I just needed to get it fixed!

Carolynne when she was pregnant

Carolynne when she was pregnant

After my first pregnancy, I managed to lose all the weight and I felt happy with how my tummy was, although I noticed that my core muscles had a slight separation.When I got pregnant with my second baby, I noticed that my bump got big really quick, and because my baby was so big (9lb13) I often got asked if I was having twins! I realise now, and as you can see from the image, my muscles where really stretched. I ended up having an emergency C-section second time around after a normal delivery first time, I believe this added to my problems, because it was such a serious emergency. After the emergency C-Section, my tummy was extremely swollen in comparison to the other ladies on the ward who had elected C-sections. I enquired with the surgeon and he told me that because my baby was so big they did a lot of pulling and stretching of my muscles to get her out, therefore it would take me a lot longer to mend.Since then, my condition has gotten worse, in fact, because of the mesh i had in to fix some muscle issues I had, I get more pain, and because I have a huge scar above my belly button, it looks awful. Due to no core exercise in 3 years, my tummy looks terrible. I was going through old photos to get some images of how my tummy looks now and I noticed that in almost every single one, I have chosen clothes that hide this area, so I will have to put on something tight and take a photo!


Why I chose Avoca…

I had three consultations in Dublin and Avoca was the last one. To be honest, I was impressed by the first two, but when I went into Avoca, I felt really welcome and the surroundings are lovely, they have so much attention to detail in terms of décor and cleanliness, so that set me off to a good start. My Surgeon seemed to have the most knowledge when it came to my complication of having had previous surgery on my tummy, the other surgeons glazed over it. lt was very detailed and informative; he was the only one who highlighted the risks in great detail. This made me really confident, and I realised he is here to do the right thing, not just to sell the treatment like the rest. Kym met me afterwards and gave me a quote and dates, she was so professional and friendly, really good at her job and has been straight back to me with any questions since I booked – very efficient & helpful.

All three surgeons that I had consultations with highlighted that using mesh to repair my tummy, was never going to be successful, all three were also disappointed to see that the surgery was ‘open surgery’ meaning I have a big scar above my belly button, which cannot be removed completely, but at least he can improve the look, but moving it down nearer my bikini line.

My advice to anyone – see a plastic surgeon, not a general surgeon!



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