Introducing Susan: Our latest patient to share her cosmetic surgery journey

September 30, 2014

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Susan Ward, 36, is a mother of five from Dublin. She came to the Avoca Clinic earlier this year to talk about abdominoplasty surgery and will have her ‘Tummy tuck’ with Dr. Dalia Tobbia later this week.

Why Susan is getting a tummy tuck

Susan in a dress

Susan says she started her family when she was young. She was a petite size 6 before her first child, but during pregnancy, she gained weight and got stretch marks. After the birth, Susan lost weight but the stretch marks actually got worse. She explains:

“I really hoped the stretch marks would go, but then I realised that creams were not going to work.”

Unfortunately, Susan became very self-conscious about her tummy. She hasn’t felt comfortable in a bikini since before she started her family, and even feels self-conscious around her partner.

“It does affect my confidence”, she admits. “This is one area of my body I’m very self-conscious of.”

After years of feeling this way, Susan decided to explore the idea of a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery.

Why Susan chose Avoca Clinic

Susan chose The Avoca Clinic as she heard we were the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Ireland:

“I wanted to make sure I was in the best possible hands”

Susan had her initial consultation with Dr. Tobbia early this year and was very impressed. She felt very reassured and that she could trust her to perform the surgery.

“Dr. Tobbia was very down-to-earth and professional. She clearly explained every detail of the operation to me”.

susan and her partner

Susan’s surgery

Susan's stomach before

Susan will have her surgery in the Avoca Clinic on Friday, 3rd of October. As well as having the excess skin removed, Susan will have her stomach muscles tightened:

“They became damaged and separated due to the pregnancies. If I don’t get the muscles tightened now it could become an issue in the future.”

Susan feels well-informed about the surgery, and has found the nurses and other Avoca Clinic staff very helpful:

“The girls there have been great. They are always available to answer any questions and are very understanding and well informed.”

She is now looking forward to having the procedure.

“I’m very excited that I might be able to wear a bikini again and show off my stomach. It’s been such a long time since I haven’t had to worry about it.”

Susan is booked in to have her surgery at the end of this week and will share another video blog about how she is recovering after the surgery.

You can follow her journey exclusively on the Avoca Clinic website. Watch Susan’s Video blog where she discusses her excitement about her upcoming surgery and how she came to the decision to get a Tummy Tuck.

If you would like any further information on abdominoplasty please use the online contact form and our patient advisors can call you back.

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