Is it normal to have two differently-sized breasts?

September 12, 2013

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Here at The Avoca Clinic, we meet lots of women who are not happy with their breasts. One of the reasons for this feeling tends to stem from the women having two different sized or shaped breasts. They think that they are the only ones in the world with this ‘problem’. Even though they have been told that having two different-sized breasts is very common, they feel that the difference in the size of their breasts is a cause for concern and embarrassment.

Doctors, women’s magazines and even bra-fitters in department stores will all tell you it is normal for breasts to be slightly different from each other in size.

We see breasts of all different shapes and sizes every single day. As Ireland’s breast experts, we can confirm that it is rare to see perfectly identical breasts on any woman. Chances are, it is the woman herself who is the only one that to notice the difference in the breasts. There is nothing strange about it …we promise!

So why are my breasts different sizes?

During puberty, the hormone oestrogen stimulates breast development. Budding breasts don’t always receive the same amounts of the oestrogen hormone, and this leads to one breast growing at a faster pace than the other. Often, breast asymmetry evens out as women progress into adulthood. Research suggests that 25 per cent of women have two slightly differently-sized breasts [source: Peterson]. However, we believe the real number to be higher.

If there is a sudden change in size or shape or another drastic change in your breasts, talk to your GP as this could be the sign of an underlying health issue.

What can be done even out the size of my breasts?

Inside the Avoca Clinic
Here at The Avoca Clinic, we treat women with differently shaped and sized breasts every single day. We are happy to help them feel better about their body. If you are very self-conscious and unhappy about your breasts, a breast augmentation with The Avoca Clinic may be an option for you. Different-sized breasts is one of the most common questions we get. This list of frequently asked questions about breast augmentation has more of them, and the answers from our medical team.

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