Jessica Kavanagh Breast Augmentation: 2 Weeks Post Op

May 31, 2016

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It’s been 2 weeks since Jessica’s breast augmentation surgery. She’s just had her stitches removed and updates us on her progress. Everything has gone really well. At this stage, she’s really looking forward to getting back into her normal bra and normal clothes and getting back to the gym.

Video Transcription
So I’m just after coming out of my first appointment post-op from the Avoca. So my operation was… it’ll be two weeks tomorrow. So I went in today just to have the stitches removed and just for the surgeon have a little look. He took off the bra completely, took off the stitches, they look incredible. I can’t wait to show you all, so I’ll do that in a few days when I can put a proper bra and stuff on.

Shopping for New Bras

So it all went really well, he was really happy with everything. The only tiny thing I have is a little bit of dry skin and that’s literally just a personal thing from having the bra on and stuff. All he said was to keep moisturizing them and massaging them, and they’ll be fine. He said I am good to go now, to shower and stuff. So, that means I can start exercising again. Now he was very specific, I’m not allowed to do any weight training on my upper body, but I can start training my legs again, I can start doing cardio, I can shower again! So I’m going to go straight home now and have a shower, I can’t wait. And he also said that I don’t have to wear this specific bra. I can get good supportive bras, as long as it has no underwire. So I’ll probably just get…I mean wear sports bras most of the time anyway so I’ll probably need to get some new, bigger ones! So I’ll probably just go shopping tomorrow and get a few new sports bras and some nice supportive ones, and just ones that I can wear with my normal clothes as well.

I’ll probably keep this one to wear at night, just for the next couple of weeks. The one they give you is super supportive, it comes up the middle and straps over the top, big boulder-holder. So you’re really tucked in. I will keep wearing that one as well when I can, but it will be nice to wear just a normal sports bra. I’ll try to show you here, just under my jumper, that’s just a tank top and you can kinda see the bra, it comes through, so you can see it with a lot of clothes. So it’s great to be able to wear something else too.

Back to Work and Driving

Other than that, everything’s great. I’m fine now, I’m good. I’ve been back to work now for the last few days and there’s been no problems. Driving and stuff I’m fine. Still a touch tender sometimes. I drove my boyfriend’s car there and this is a manual. So that was a little bit like -ehh, but it’s fine, it was still okay. I am trying to think is there anything else? They say you shouldn’t be able to bring your hands up over your head, I can, I can tie my hair up and stuff. I haven’t tried to wash my own hair yet, just because I think I’d probably get quite a bit tired, but I probably could. Other than that, everything is great. I’m really happy with them. I just can’t wait to wear my normal clothes and a normal bra, so you can see them properly. I’ll do another video in a couple of days.

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