Jessica Kavanagh: I’m Delighted With My New Boobs

February 23, 2017

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RIBBF Bikini Fitness Champion and personal trainer, Jessica Kavanagh has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and has helped transform the bodies of thousands of women and men throughout her career.

However, in December 2015 Jessica completed her own body transformation and underwent breast augmentation surgery at The Avoca Clinic.

Despite having always been flat-chested and confident in her own body, Jessica says that she started feeling self-conscious about her chest when she started competing in bikini fitness competitions.

“I didn’t actually mind my breasts in my clothes, it was more when I was in a bikini on stage because it looked odd. I was building muscle everywhere else, and trying to get rounder. In my class, you’re building a big bum, big old glutes at the back and then there’s nothing at the front.

“Your breasts are completely gone because you have to get so lean. If girls had a lot of boobs before, then the dieting process would still make them look awful, because you end up with empty sacks effectively”.

Inspiration for Surgery

Within the highly competitive world of bikini fitness, women often undergo breast surgery to give themselves a more rounder and feminine shape.

jessica kavanagh

Pre Surgery Photo Shoot

“You’re ok competing in Ireland, but when I went to compete internationally pretty much everybody there had them done. I think there was 37 of us that day, and maybe me and two other girls didn’t have their breasts done.

“In September 2015, I competed internationally and when I was on the flight home I said to my boyfriend I’m not standing on the international stage again without having my boobs done. It’s not happening”.

“I knew then I’d have time between competitions, so I sold my car and literally went straight in and had it done. My beautiful car, I had a bright pink Smart car, but I have boobs now and that’s all that matters”.

My Implants

Because of Jessica’s petite frame and torso, her surgeon recommended ultra-high profile breast implants, which would suit her shape, as well as give her the volume and lift she wanted.

“The ultra-high profile is narrower at the base, they stick up a lot more and they’re very round. Whether competing or not I’ve got quite a small frame and I’m quite short, so I just wanted something that was a bit higher rather than wider”.


Post-surgery, Jessica was surprised by how minimum her discomfort was. After increasing her cup size from a 32A to a 32DD, Jessica described the feeling as being like “I’d trained my chest really hard”.

“I was conscious of my movements cause I didn’t want to pull the stitches or anything but it was fine. The first two days there was a bit more pain but nothing unbearable at all. The worst part was just having to sleep on your back.

“I’m absolutely delighted with them. I was so happy that I went for the ultra-high profile. I sometimes think maybe I should have gone a bit bigger, but I think that’s what happens when you get used to having them, but no I’m really really happy with them, I love them”.


Currently, Jessica is training for her first European championship since the surgery and is looking forward to getting back on stage with added confidence.


Left: Jessica competing pre-surgery | Right: Jessica competing post-surgery

“I do feel a hell of a lot better on stage. I’m in training for the Europeans in 11 weeks, so that’ll be my first international with them which is where I had the biggest problem initially. I’m looking forward to that and I feel a lot more confident going into that”.

Taking competitions out of the equation Jessica adds that the surgery has also increased her overall body confidence as she feels a lot more confident in the clothes she wears.

“All of my clothes fit better because I obviously had this whole chest area completely missing, so everything just fits a lot better. I’m really glad I did it because I do feel a lot more confident”.

Why Choose Cosmetic Surgery

Discussing why women opt for breast surgery, Jessica says that for some people, confidence plays a big part in their decision.

Jessica_Kavanagh_Post Surgery

Post-Surgery Selfie

“I think people think that you’re into yourself and big-headed to have plastic surgery, but for the most part it’s because you’re self-conscious and you want to feel better about yourself.

“It’s just like putting on your make-up, you do it because it makes you feel better about yourself. I don’t see the problem in anyone having any kind of plastic surgery, whether it’s on their face or boobs if it makes them feel better about themselves”.

One Piece of Advice

Since her breast augmentation Jessica has received lots of questions from women interested in the surgery, whether at the gym or on Instagram, she’s constantly inundated with messages. Her one piece of advice however is to book a consultation.

“If you’re unsure, just go in and have a consultation, because when you go in, you’re trying on different sizes underneath your top and you’re getting a better idea of how it might feel. If it feels wrong you’re going to know in the consultation”.



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