Liposuction vs. Abdominoplasty

November 25, 2015

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What’s the difference between Liposuction and Abdominoplasty?

Many of our patients come into consultation with one firm ideal – a thinner, flatter stomach, however, a common source of confusion is just which surgery they need to opt for in order to get the results they desire. The main two body surgeries are Liposuction and Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck. Although often used in conjunction with one another, each of these surgeries are brilliant at addressing separate issues. We firmly believe that every patient ought to be fully aware of their options entering into a consultation which is why we’ve developed this basic guideline outlining the difference between the two surgical procedures.


Abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck) is a surgical procedure designed to remove undesirable skin, fat and stretch marks from the lower abdominal region. The surgery involves retightening the abdominal muscles and is best suited to patients who have previously lost weight and are experiencing a lack of elasticity in the region.

Abdominoplasty surgery is for patients whose main priority is tightening the lower abdomen. Abdominoplasty surgery is not for patients who wish to lose a significant amount of mass. Although abdominoplasty surgery does involve the removal of fat, it is simply not on the same scale as liposuction, typically candidates who have undergone liposuction will wish to opt for abdominoplasty at some stage following the surgery.


Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure wherein fat cells are removed from a section of the body through an initial (minimal) incision and suction technique. Liposuction is generally a less invasive procedure than abdominoplasty as it simply removes fat from the body, whereas an abdominoplasty will often require the muscle fascia wall to be tightened with sutures (although patients do not always require muscle tightening.)

Liposuction is perfect for people who are experiencing issue losing undesired weight, it is simply the most effective surgery for removing a significant amount of fat. This goes a long way to improving a person’s general form and shape. However, skin affected by a significant excess of weight often pre-maturely loses its elasticity, which is why it may be necessary for a patient to opt for abdominoplasty surgery at some point following liposuction.

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