Louise’s 8th Video Blog – 2 Weeks after Surgery

May 16, 2014

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It’s two weeks after her breast uplift with implants and Louise is delighted with the results. In her latest blog, Louise discusses the harder side of recovery, such as struggling to blow dry her hair and she is very much missing her fitness routine and participating in the TRX classes she teaches. As you will hear, Louise thought she was fine and feels she may have slightly overdone it in her first few days! This is something that can happen and we do tell patients to be cautious! However, for any worries, we offer 24hour aftercare and our nurses are always there to help. in Louise’s words “You won’t find better aftercare!”

If you missed any of Louise’s journey, you can follow her journey from the beginning.

Amanda Brunker, model, author and journalist has also had a breast reduction/uplift with Dr. Jean-Philippe Salmin which she covered in the Sunday World and VIP magazine. Read about Amanda Brunker’ Avoca Experience here.

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