Maria Redmond: 4 Days Since Breast Reduction

October 20, 2016

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It’s four days since Maria Redmond’s breast reduction surgery, and she’s feeling well enough to get dressed up and meet with her friends. The last time Maria caught up with us was the morning after her surgery, where she was recovering nicely from her procedure at The Avoca Clinic.

In her fourth video diary, Maria brings us up to speed with her recuperation and details the next steps in her recovery.


Maria Redmond: Day 4 After Her Operation


Video Summary

Increased Mobility

Looking fresh and full of energy, Maria explains that she had her drains removed three days after the surgery, which is a great relief to her. Although the drains caused no pain, they were awkward to carry around and hindered her mobility as they were not very discreet. The new-found freedom has enabled Maria to be more independent and she’s very excited to catch up with friends.


Describing her post-surgery pain, Maria says that on a scale of one to 10, she’s only between one or two. The only slight discomfort she feels is when she’s getting dressed or doing her hair. She jokes, that it took her a long time to put her hair into a ponytail, but she got there eventually.

Pleased with the Results

Maria is still wearing her surgical support bra, but is really happy with how her profile is looking. She can’t stop checking herself in the mirror and is amazed at how different she looks now. Maria adds that a weight has been lifted off her shoulders and she’s delighted not to be carrying that extra burden anymore.

The Road to Recovery

Since having the drains removed, Maria has been able to do some light exercise and recently took a short 20-minute walk. The exercise is of huge benefit to her recovery process and helps alleviate her shortness of breath. After breast surgery, a slight feeling of tightness across the chest is normal and is all part of the recovery process.

Maria has also been enjoying a full night’s sleep and is making sure there’s lots of extra padding in bed. She continues to sleep on her back, as it’s still far too sensitive to sleep on her side or front. Her next visit to The Avoca Clinic is in a week and a half, where her stitches will be checked.

While she can’t lift her hands above her chest, Maria is still very mobile and has had a very independent recovery.

Help is Always at Hand

She’s very thankful to her family, friends and housemates who’ve all helped her since the surgery. Maria adds that it’s a great comfort to know that The Avoca Clinic is always available to answer any questions she may have.

Next Steps

In her next video blog, Maria will be back at The Avoca Clinic to get her stitches removed.


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