Maria Redmond: I Feel and Look More Myself

February 23, 2017

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We often hear about women suffering from low-esteem because of their smaller breast size but women with larger breasts can also face the same confidence issues.

Maria Redmond recently underwent breast reduction surgery at The Avoca Clinic and has spoken about how her breasts “took over” and began to control every aspect of her life.

“I never developed breasts until I was about 17 and then they just went from nothing to massive really quickly. They took over, they took over the way I dressed and the way I carried myself. I work in a very male-dominated area so it’s something that I was always very conscious of”, said Maria.

Despite losing weight in her early twenties, Maria’s breast size never changed and her now smaller frame only accentuated her bigger bust.

“I lost weight when I was 24 and came down to my proper shape but my boobs didn’t change. They didn’t change at all. They say that if you lose weight, you’ll change breast size but mine only ever went down to a double D.

“My aunty had a breast reduction years and years ago, so large breasts and small frames are genetic in my family,” added Maria.

Covering Up

Over time, Maria’s bigger bust size started to make her feel self-conscious and she began to change the way she dressed.

Breast reduction patient's breast size

Maria Redmond: Pre Breast Reduction

“I always wore very structured, loose-fitting clothes, shirts and dresses. I never wore V-necks and I definitely couldn’t go out in skimpy clothes because I felt there’d be a preconception made about me. I was always covered up.

“Even wearing a suit or work-appropriate clothes, they’re usually a little bit tighter and it just didn’t make me feel very confident. I didn’t want to be perceived in a certain light”.

Besides battling body issues, Maria also started to develop lumbar pain from all the strain and pressure placed on her back. Tired of suffering from pain and having to change the way she dressed, Maria decided to explore breast reduction surgery at The Avoca Clinic.


“A lot of my male friends would have said I was bitch-slapping god in the face by doing it, but I said I’d go for it now, while I can enjoy them.

Breast reduction patient pre surgery

Maria Redmond: Pre Breast Reduction

“I met with my surgeon and the team and they were so professional. You can tell they have had so many people like me in a similar position. They were able to empathise with me which was lovely, every avenue was covered with them”.

After the surgery, a metaphorical and physical weight had been lifted from Maria’s shoulders. Her bra size had now been reduced from a 34E to a more manageable 34C.

“I remember when I first got off the table, with my nurse Caroline, and they felt so much lighter. It was like someone had taken a backpack off your chest.

“I was so happy and so shocked at how great they looked and how well they fit me. Now I feel more myself and look more myself, they fit my frame”.


When talking about the surgery’s potential downsides, Maria mentions that for her there weren’t any, but scarring can be an issue for some people.

“The scarring will fade over time, there’s a huge difference from the initial scarring compared to now.

“People always ask about the scarring and it’s bad, but it’s nothing compared to the new breasts you have. If I was told I was going to have permanent scarring, I’d take it over not having the surgery. I love my new boobs, I show all my girlfriends”.

New-Found Confidence

Maria adds that since the surgery, she’s finally started to feel comfortable in her own body and appreciate her womanly figure.

Breast reduction patient's picture

Maria Redmond: New Found Confidence


“People have told me I’ve lost weight, but I haven’t it’s just from the breasts. The surgery has made a huge difference to my appearance, the way I dress and the way I carry myself. Everyone who knows me has commented on it in a really positive way”.

“Before the surgery, I wouldn’t have been able to see my shape. My boobs would have been quite low and gone out to my sides, so after surgery was the first time I could see my hourglass figure. It’s made me feel more feminine”.


Improved Activity

Her smaller breasts have also helped Maria become more active, as there’s “no more bouncing around”. Her golf swing has also improved and she’s looking forward to hitting the fairways this summer.

It’s been nearly four months since her surgery and Maria hopes that by sharing her story, she can encourage more women to make a change.

“I hope other people get it done as well, cause there’s an awful lot of women out there who are unhappy with their breasts. I absolutely love mine. Like if anyone asks, I tell them all about them”.


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