Maria Redmond: One Month Post Breast Reduction

November 23, 2016

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It’s been one month since Maria’s breast reduction surgery, and she’s just out of her check-up with her surgeon and the nurses at The Avoca Clinic.

Thankfully her recovery is going smoothly and she answers your most frequently asked question and tells us all about her newfound body confidence and recovery to date.


One Month Post Breast Reduction


Video Summary

Following her latest consultation, the doctors and staff are happy to see how Maria’s breasts are healing and are letting her continue to recover at home. Since her surgery, Maria has been following her aftercare procedures diligently to ensure her breasts recovery properly.

Aftercare Treatments

One of the most beneficial post-surgery treatments is a massage of the breast area. Maria has been doing this for two to five minutes every day and has noticed a massive difference in her breasts’ sensitivity and the appearances of her scars. Maria advices massaging your breasts after the shower as the skin is a little bit softer.

Maria adds that her breasts look completely different from what they used to, but they are beginning to heal a lot more since she’s started massaging them. She must continue to wear the compression bra for several more weeks, but Maria has grown surprisingly attached to it.

Finding the Right Bra

Out of curiosity, Maria tried on a non-underwired lace bra, which is something she never would have been able to wear before. She says she was really excited to wear a bra like that, and while it wasn’t uncomfortable, it did feel a little bit weird to wear one as she wasn’t used to it.

Maria also tried on an underwired-bra which was uncomfortable against her scars. The clinic did advise her not to wear an underwired bra just yet, but she was curious. She doesn’t even think she’ll be able to wear that style of bra in six weeks’ time.

In future, Maria thinks she won’t actually need that much underwiring as her breasts are now much higher and won’t need to be lifted as much. She says that it’s a really positive thing for her and it really puts a smile on her face because she’s so used to wearing bras with tight straps and thick underwire.

Newfound Body Confidence

Since the surgery, a major metaphorical and physical weight has been lifted from Maria’s shoulders and she’s been enjoying her newfound lightness to the full. The surgery has made a really positive difference to her body confidence and the way she carries herself.

Breastfeeding Post Breast Reduction

One of the most commonly asked questions Maria has gotten since her breast reduction surgery is, will she be able to breastfeed? She explains that she doesn’t know how to answer that question because she doesn’t have a child and she doesn’t plan on breastfeeding anytime soon.

She adds that of course not being able to breastfeed is a risk when you have breast surgery, but for her, it wasn’t a negative risk. However if you think it would be for you, then that’s something you personally need to assess beforehand.


Over the past two weeks, her recovery has progressed far enough that she can be more active. Maria says she can’t exercise as much as she’d like because she’d put weight and pressure on her breasts. Since the surgery, she has to take exercise very slowly as her chest gets used to exertive movements again.

Maria’s next update will be in two weeks and she expects to see massive changes and progress in her recovery when she talks to us again.


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