Paddy Cunningham’s ‘Biggest Loser’ Transformation Continues with The Avoca Clinic

June 21, 2012

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Paddy Cunningham

Paddy Before and After

After his incredible weight loss on the Biggest Loser 2011, Paddy Cunningham came to us as he found that there was one area that still bothered him – his chest. We were delighted to look after him and Professor Madaree carried out his Gynecomastia or ‘male chest fat removal’ procedure. The procedure removes fat and or glandular tissue from the breasts either by liposuction or direct excision through an incision below the nipple-areola. Here is Paddy’s experience, in his own words:

Having being formerly 23 stone and losing over 8 stone, I struggled to find comfort in my new body as my chest area was one part of my body that simply had nit reduced whatsoever following my weight loss. I consulted the team at the Avoca Clinic – who were, and continue to be absolutely fantastic. Their warmth, support and understanding was second to none.  I struggled as to wether or not to get surgery however once it was confirmed my chest would not reduce with further weight loss as it was made up of breast tissue as opposed to fat – I knew that the Avoca Clinic was the right place for me to have my surgery – something I strongly see as a medical treatment as opposed to a cosmetic surgery.  Having excess breast tissue was really making feel less masculine and was the one part of my body I really felt uncomfortable with.  Since my surgery I have received brilliant support and feel 100% comfortable picking up the phone with any questions or concerns I might have and I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin.  I cannot praise Kim, Ailish and the team enough the simply are fantastic and treat you not only as a client but more importantly as a friend and a member of the Avoca Clinic family.

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