Maria Redmond: Why I Am Having A Breast Reduction

October 11, 2016

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Maria Redmond has suffered from years of back pain, anxiety and unwanted attention because of her large breasts, and this month she hopes to improve her quality of life dramatically by undergoing breast reduction surgery at the Avoca Clinic.

Maria has decided to document her breast reduction journey in a bid to help other women who may be thinking of having a similar procedure. In the first instalment, Maria tells us about her reasons for undergoing the surgery and her excitement to see the post-surgery results.

Introducing Maria Redmond

Breast reduction patient pre surgery

Maria Redmond

At 12, I’ll never forget my mom taking me to Marks and Spencer for my first bra. I was excited, giddy and so proud to finally become a little lady. That day I came home with a two-pack of lilac and pink 32AAA bras – Oh, how the times have changed!

Throughout school I had modest breasts but they tended to be larger than most of my peers. I didn’t mind, I enjoyed dressing them and I was flattered when someone would complement my figure.

As I grew older however, my cute 32AAA bra progressed to a dowdy, thick-strapped and underwired 34E bra – no fun when you’re 19 and embarking on the social scene!

My early twenties were a whirlwind of fun and adventure and I never shied away from a party. However, it was awkward wondering what was appropriate to wear and I’m sure I pushed the boundary on many occasion. I’m just happy social media wasn’t as prevalent as it is now!

Why Do I Want a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction patient's breast size

Maria Redmond

The older I’m getting, the more aware I’m becoming of my chest size. When my chest attracts attention, I never get upset about it, I understand why someone would notice it, but I worry about how am I being perceived? And I wonder how can I prevent that from happening again?

Eventually my whole wardrobe changed and covered-up, flowy and loose became my style. If it was a smock, cape, shirt or loose dress, then great, that’s how my style evolved.

At 28, It may seem young to have such surgery but why shouldn’t I be able to enjoy my body and dress womanly without myself or anyone else questioning it?

Please don’t think this is all being done for vanity. There are many other cons that I endure from having a fuller chest:

  • bra grooves on my shoulders
  • lower and upper back pain
  • sleeping on my front is impossible
  • excessive boob sweat when exercising
  • dressing for a summer’s day means overexposure and unwanted glares
  • expensive lingerie
  • running is out of the question unless I have one arm sprawled across my chest

I could go on forever, but what’s most important is why I chose the Avoca Clinic.

Why I Chose The Avoca Clinic?

Over the course of a few months I met with other doctors in other surgeries and I’m glad I did my homework – this surgery isn’t to be taken lightly! But none of them felt right until I had my first consultation.They were so attentive and professional that I knew I was in capable hands.

I have full confidence in the team, so much so that I agreed to document my journey in the hope of helping other women with similar stories, as well as those who want to start their own journey.

Whichever way you take it, this is MY journey and I’m not trying to preach that surgery is the answer for all women. I am documenting this process in the hope that it may answer a few questions for others and hopefully assure a few women that they’re not alone in their concerns.

My surgery is fast approaching and I’m quite emotional at the prospect of having this weight lifted – literally!


Find out more about how Maria made her decision in her first video blog below…

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