Breast Lift

Life can have a huge impact on your breasts. Be it age, pregnancy, or weight loss, both small and large breasts are prone to drooping. Which is why this is one of our most popular procedures. We start by removing the excess skin, then the breasts are raised and surrounding skin is tightened to reshape and support the new breast contour.

What to expect

Breast lifts are one of our most common procedures at The Avoca Clinic with women of all ages.

This procedure would involve lifting and reshaping the breast without necessarily reducing or increasing the breast size. Here your surgeon would re-arrange the breast tissue, shift the nipple position and increase breast firmness by tightening the skin.

If you want to go up in size, an implant could also be added for extra volume.

Your Questions Answered

Unlike a breast augmentation (aka a breast enlargement), a breast uplift works to raise and firm breasts, changing their shape to make them firmer and perter. What’s involved in a breast lift is the removal of excess skin, elevating the breast tissue, and repositioning the nipple and areola (pigmentation around the nipple).

The procedure duration for a mastopexy can vary, but most often takes 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on whether you would like to have implants or not. In most cases, we would prefer a patient to stay overnight after their surgery and we would be delighted to discuss your options in full at your consultation.

We are sometimes asked: Is breast lift surgery dangerous? And the answer is that it carries the same risks as any surgical procedure, but Avoca Clinic does its utmost to give patients a comfortable, safe and positive experience. Our facility is state of the art, our staff is world class and Avoca Clinic offers comprehensive after-surgery service – including access to our staff 24/7 after surgery.

The risks associated with breast uplift are usually related to bleeding, infection or fluid accumulation: But, if this happens, these are issues that can be dealt with promptly and comprehensively.

The operation itself takes place under general anaesthetic, so you will experience no pain during the procedure. After the breast uplift, some patients experience discomfort around the incisions or numbness in the nipples, breast skin and areola for a short period. However, most patients can treat this with ibuprofen or pain medication. Also, for most patients, any discomfort is temporary. (See below, “How long does it take to recover from a breast lift?”)

The good news is that techniques have evolved and most women in the hands of our expert surgeons at the Avoca Clinic will not have major breast lift scars. Instead, patients will just have the periareolar incision or “lollipop scar”. Breast lift recovery time varies from patient to patient, but a recent survey shows that most women who diligently follow our discharge instructions will be back at work within 10 days of this procedure.

Yes, in fact, it’s common. Some patients get small implants as part of the procedure, while others choose not to get them. If a patient requests larger implants, that would have to be a separate procedure.

Breast lift scars tend to be small and discrete, especially the “lollipop” incision that we use at Avoca Clinic. While these small incisions won’t completely disappear without subsequent work, they diminish over time, becoming unnoticeable.

Many women ask to have breast augmentation (implant) and a lift performed at the same time. While we can, of course, facilitate this, we can only carry out this surgery in cases where the patient requires a small implant.

If the patient requests a larger implant, the surgery should be carried out in two stages.

This depends on your personal preference and circumstances: If you’d like your breasts to have more definition and pertness, then a breast uplift might be for you. If you think that both size and shape could be improved, then it might be a consideration to have small implants with the uplift. Or, perhaps you think that your breasts might benefit from being significantly larger as well as perter and firmer, in which case two separate procedures (augmentation followed by uplift) could work.

However, before going through any surgery, it’s recommended that you have a consultation with one of the qualified Plastic Surgeons that we have on our team.

Our payment options include tailor-made payment plans designed to suit your needs.

A breast uplift is also known as a breast lift or mastopexy. Some may refer to the procedure as a boob lift or uplift. However, a mastopexy is its full term.

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