Drainless Tummy Tuck

Drainless Tummy Tuck

Our surgeon Cormac Joyce discusses Drainless Tummy Tucks at The Avoca Clinic.

“The majority of tummy tuck patients state that the most difficult aspect of their surgery were the drains.  These plastic tubes are a great nuisance for patients as they often can catch on things as they have to be carried around everywhere they go for up to 2 weeks post surgery.  They are a significant source of infection and i have heard stories of kids pulling at them and even of dogs chewing them. They are also a source of discomfort and pain and it is a huge relief for patients when they are removed.  It was believed that drains prevent seroma formation and that they can indicate if a patient has had a large bleed and whether they  need to return to theatre.  In recent years, more surgeons are beginning to challenge these historical beliefs.  If a large bleed does occur, the blood usually does not flow out of the drains as it very often clots in the abdominal cavity.  This can give a false reassurance that there is no bleeding going on. Furthermore, seromas often occur weeks after an abdominoplasty by which time the drains have long since been removed.”

“I perform tummy tucks without the use of drains.  Instead I use a special quilting technique using specialised barbed stitches which allows the skin and muscle flap to be secured to the tummy muscles.  This eliminates any deadspace so no bleeding or seroma formation can occur.  In addition to this benefit, the quilting technique utilises a progressive tensioning method which provides a flatter tummy compared to traditional tummy tucks as well as an ability to shape the tummy skin to provide much better definition.”

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