Labiaplasty & Labia Reduction

Labiaplasty & Labia Reduction

What is it?

Labiaplasty is the surgical removal of excess or uneven labia, the fleshy flaps of skin within the vulva, to create a more acceptable shape. It is usually done on the inner lips, but it can also be done on the outer lips. Many women are born with large or uneven labia, while it happens to others after childbirth, due to ageing, or weight reduction.This is very common in Ireland as we find women feel they need this surgery rather than simply wanting to have it done.

Who may need this surgery?

  • Most ladies request labia reduction surgery because they are not satisfied with the larger size of their inner lips (labia minora), which often protrude outside the outer lips (labia majora). They may find this embarrassing, especially if it is noticeable when wearing tight underwear, sport clothes or swimsuits
  • For others, the excess skin protrusion causes constant irritation when wearing tight pants or jeans or discomfort when engaging in sports or other physical activities.
  • Some ladies may find the size or unevenness of their labia embarrassing or it might get in the way during sexual intercourse.

Labia reduction is a simple and effective solution for these problems. For further information, please read our Labiaplasty FAQ

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