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PRP Treatment

Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP) is a non-invasive procedure and natural therapy method – encouraging the rejuvenation of your skin. We begin by taking a sample of your blood, which is then passed through a centrifuge to separate the plasma. Plasma contains platelets, which happen to be full of growth factors and help drive renewal of the skin.

Once we have the plasma, we can then inject it into the “problem” areas of your skin. The platelets release growth factors and they in turn improve skin tone, skin texture, elasticity and the regeneration of collagen. Following the PRP treatment, your skin should have a “dewy” look and those wrinkles and lines should appear much smoother than before.

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PRP Treatment & Injections


We can treat numerous areas including the hands, eye area, face, neck, décolletage, scar tissue, wounds and we can even treat hair loss!

PRP has lots of great benefits, including:

  • Improves your skin tone.
  • Gives you healthier looking skin.
  • Helps you to recover from injuries faster.
  • Treats tissue and tendon injuries.
  • Great alternative to surgery.
  • Combats hair loss.
  • Low risk and verified as a safe option.

Let us join you on your personal journey of rejuvenation.

*Disclaimer – There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from patient to patient. Our team of consultant plastic surgeons will ensure you are in safe hands and discuss your results at your consultation.

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