Avoca Liposuction

Avoca Liposuction

At the Avoca Clinic, we’re all about innovative procedures that result in the best results and the least possible discomfort for our patients. That’s why we offer Avoca liposuction instead of traditional liposuction. Here’s a guide to what it is, what you can expect during your procedure, and why we love it.


What is it?

Traditional liposuction as we know it dates back to the 1970s, so as you might imagine, there have been some advances in the technology since then.

Avoca liposuction is also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction (NIL) and Nutational Custom Acoustic Liposuction (CAL). A more advanced, less invasive and more effective form of plastic surgery, tickle liposuction is the next step in cosmetic surgery’s evolution.

Avoca lipo uses a vibrating “cannula” – a small, thin and hollow tube – to remove fat.

The procedure begins with local medication inserted via the cannula. After that, the surgeon uses the cannula to gently separate the fat using acoustic waves. Connective tissue, blood vessels and nerve endings are usually left undisturbed by this technique. Fat is also removed at this stage, simultaneously.


evamatic 5 bon visu 1 (1) Advantages of Avoca Liposuction

We love Avoca liposuction at Avoca Clinic. It’s faster, more precise, more comfortable and safer than its predecessor.

Here are some of the ways in which its superior to traditional liposuction…


For several reasons, this technique is easier on the patient than traditional liposuction. Firstly, because it’s a relatively small device, it’s more comfortable. Then, thanks to infrasonic vibration, it’s less painful and – to some lucky patients – ticklish!


Because tickle engages in fat liquefying and simultaneous aspiration, it is a much shorter way of attaining the same results as traditional lipo. It is immediate fat removal.


Avoca liposuction is the least invasive method of liposuction yet to be invented. It is designed to minimize disruption to non-targeted areas. It’s lighter and easier for the surgeon to work with, which means that they can enjoy a more accurate, less cumbersome procedure, which minimizes the likelihood of mistakes.

As an added reassurance, the cannula is designed to switch off upon contact with tissue that has a different density to fat (muscle, for instance).

Local Anaesthetic

Avoca liposuction is performed under a local anaesthetic. This means that you don’t lose consciousness and that the procedure and the recovery time are both much faster than with more traditional methods.


Not only is recovery time faster, but patients typically experience less discomfort during this recovery time than they do with traditional liposuction.

There’s also less after-care needed with Avoca liposuction. You will have less need for suturing during the healing process. Contouring is smoother and – consequently – the results are more natural-looking. Bruising and swelling are kept to a minimum by this technique too.


Because it uses a smaller device and is more advanced than traditional lipo, Avoca liposuction can be more bespoke and specific.

This means that Avoca liposuction can be performed on inner-thighs, arms, chin and neck.


Meet the New You

liposuction before and after

Avoca liposuction is a revolutionary technique combining popular liposuction techniques, the clinic tailored the ‘Avoca’ technique to ensure the best results with our latest in technology liposuction machine. It’s especially suited to those who want to get rid of that final, stubborn piece of excess weight; or a patient who’s reached their ideal weight but just wants some improvement and definition.

We are delighted to offer Online Video Consultations with one of our Plastic Surgeons. During your online consultation, you will have the chance to ask all those questions you may have always wondered about.

Ready to book your Avoca liposuction consultation? Enquire now. You can also speak to an experienced member of our staff at The Avoca Clinic Wicklow by calling (01) 201 4563 or The Avoca Clinic in Limerick by calling (061) 529 077.


*Disclaimer – There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from patient to patient. Our team of consultant plastic surgeons will ensure you are in safe hands and discuss your results at your consultation.