Rachel Wallace: One year after surgery

October 30, 2014

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Irish model Rachel Wallace had a breast augmentation with The Avoca Clinic last October.

The 23-year old decided to share her journey through a series of video blogs, explaining her reasons for getting the surgery, the consultation process, and her recovery. It’s now been one year since she had the surgery with Dr. Jean-Philippe Salmin, and Rachel is still delighted with the results. She wrote one last blog and video for us on how her decision has changed her confidence, her career and her life.

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Rachel’s story in her own words

“It’s a year since I had my breast surgery in the Avoca Clinic and what a year it’s been! I went from a B cup to a DD and it’s not only the physical results that have been good. It’s also had an amazing impact on my confidence and my career.
I knew what I wanted from the beginning and the Avoca Clinic team made it so easy and carefree. From my very first consultation, to the day of the op, through the aftercare – everyone was an absolute delight and I felt so at ease. The Breast Suite was beautiful and relaxing and I was in and out of the op and back to my cosy bed in no time.

Recovery and a new wardrobe

avoca 1 cropped

As a model I knew that enhancing my body would benefit me if done in the correct way, and it has.
My surgeon Jean Philippe measured me and recommended a size that suited my shape and frame. It wasn’t a case of ‘Ok how big can we go?’ which I think some people can get carried away with. I enhanced my shape without going overboard.

My recovery came in stages; the first being the: ‘OMG I have boobs!’ stage. It was great but I was very bloated and at the time I didn’t even realise. So I didn’t get to see the true shape and how they sat on my body until about 3 months after. During recovery you’re bound to be bloated of course, but I also couldn’t work out so I felt a bit heavy and couldn’t appreciate it fully.

After 6 months I was working out, and feeling great. My body was getting use to the breast implants; their size and weight. My scars were completely unnoticeable so I started bikini shopping and buying new clothes to suit my new shape. I was discovering what suited me best and I could really get stuck back into the modelling and show them off.

The Perfect Shape

Now, a year on, I sometimes forget I’ve had them done. Their shape is just perfect and they have totally settled into my body.
I can wear literally any type of clothes! The dresses I can wear now are stunning and I feel so feminine because I can fill them out. I feel really great about myself and I have the Avoca Clinic to thank for that. I’ll be forever grateful to the Avoca team!

The surgery has changed my life for the better and if you’re thinking about it, I’d say go for it! Go in for a consultation and have a chat.

I believe that if you’re not happy with something and you want to change it for the right reasons, then do it! You only live once so why not be the best version of you!”

Rachel Wallace xxx

Catch up with Rachel’s video diaries exclusively on the Avoca Clinic blog.

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