Rachel Wallace’s first post-op video blog

October 21, 2013

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There was an elevated sense of excitement in the clinic yesterday morning as we awaited the arrival of a very special patient.

Model Rachel Wallace before surgery

Model Rachel Wallace before surgery

Model and ICA Bootcamp winner Rachel Wallace contacted us a little while ago for a breast augmentation consult, and on Sunday morning she came in for the procedure. The 23-year old said she was “really nervous but excited”, though she knew she was in good hands.

Rachel is sharing her journey of going from an A cup to a C or D cup with us and readers of the Sunday World newspaper with video blogs every day this week.

Rachel’s reasons for having a breast augmentation

In an interview with the Sunday World published yesterday, Rachel revealed the reasons behind her decision to have a breast augmentation.

Rachel is a successful model and much of her work is for bikini shoots or lingerie shoots, so this was a factor when she was making up her mind:

“Apart from building my own self-confidence, this decision is to help my career.”

Rachel Wallace in Sunday WorldShe made clear that this was not some “spur-of-the-moment decision”, and that she did a lot of research and discussion before she was sure.

“I have done all my homework over and over again. To travel abroad was simply not an option so I decided to save up and invest in the best. Everyone in my life agrees with my choice to do it, especially because it is at The Avoca Clinic.”

Rachel’s experience of The Avoca Clinic

Rachel had lots to say about The Avoca Clinic, saying she was sure she was in safe hands.

“I have spoken to lots of women who have gone to the Avoca Clinic who all agree it is the best place to go and I know this is the best decision I have ever made.“

When she had her consultation with our surgeon, she was surprised to find him “so nice and friendly”:

“He was talking to me like we’re mates and told me how it is all going to go from start to finish. There will be absolutely no surprises”.

Rachel Wallace

Rachel arrives at The Avoca Clinic before surgery

Rachel was pleasantly surprised to find the Clinic was a world away from a cold hospital atmosphere:

“It’s the exact opposite of a sterile, clinical facility. It has huge big comfy furniture, the colours are all warm colours and the staff are so friendly. It’s like a big cosy living room with all my mates.”

Of course, Rachel is a previous patient of ours as she previously had a lip filler procedure with us. We were delighted to see her again, and touched to hear her say that “every time I am there I’m made to feel like royalty.”

Rachel’s pre- and post-op video blog

Rachel after surgery

Rachel Wallace after surgery in The Avoca Clinic

Yesterday morning Rachel underwent her surgery with us and recorded this video blog before and after the procedure. As you’ll see in the video, she woke up in good spirits saying she was “absolutely delighted” with how it went. While she munched on post-op tea and toast she tweeted that we were taking great care of her.

Watch the pre- and post-op video below:

This is the first of Rachel’s video blogs. There’ll be another one every day this week as she recovers at home, revealing how she manages while doing “normal day-to-day stuff”, so stay tuned!

If you have any questions about breast augmentations, our patient advisors are always happy to answer any questions so give them a call on 01 201 4563 or use our online contact form.

You may also be interested in our FAQ on breast augmentation.

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