Returning To Work After Breast Surgery

August 30, 2013

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Ensuring you look after yourself during your recovery phase is vitally important. This will ensure that your body has time to heal and – of course – look its best.

Recovering after your breast augmentation surgery

All too often, we get asked the same question:

“How soon can I go back to work after my surgery?”

The answer varies, and really it is a personal thing. We generally advise women to wait 5-7 days before returning to work. For some women, it could take longer. Let’s face it; what is a week of your life if it means you are going to enjoy a smooth transition to a healthy body which feels and looks great?

Some people may think that even five days is a little long to wait before returning to work. However, you must remember that breast augmentation is a surgical procedure. For the first few days after surgery, you will feel fatigued and uncomfortable (and maybe even a little bit sore). You need to let your body rest.

You will probably feel some tightness around the breast area as your skin adjusts to your new breast size; it is important not to place any strain on your chest during this time.

Have more questions?

You might find it helpful to read this list of frequently asked questions about breast augmentation, which has all the answers from our medical team.

Breast Augmentation at The Avoca Clinic

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