Roberta’s Fifth Video Blog

May 21, 2017

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In her latest video blog, filmed three days after her surgery at The Avoca Clinic last Monday, Roberta of Mums & Tots magazine describes how she’s progressing post-op.



Video Transcript

Hi everyone and welcome to my fifth video blog for the Avoca Clinic. So today I’m 3 days post-op and the operation was on Monday and it’s now Thursday. As you can hear I still have a bit of chestiness after the anaesthetic so it’s taking a couple of days to clear so I sound a bit weird! Other things, I’m kind of a bit hunched over, that’s to be expected for the first couple of days, because they’ve made everything tight on the muscles here. I also have two drains, one on each side, they don’t hurt they’re just a bit annoying and they need to be drained every morning.

Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good. I slept really well last night but yesterday night was pretty rough. I had Tylex which is like a strong paracetamol codeine mix and gave me very strange dreams and yeah I didn’t sleep very well at all so last night I actually moved to the couch and slept much better – had a great sleep and woke up feeling a good bit better than yesterday.

“I can already see how different it all looks”

The raw pain level is about 3 or 4 and I’m coming off the Tylex strong medicine today which I’m looking forward to because it’s making my head go crazy! So really excited to see the results, I can already see how different it all looks. They’ve also prepared the 2 or 3 hernias that I’ve had and brought the muscles together as well as tucking the skin. Really really pleased and looking forward to getting these drains out in a few days and hopefully, my voice will be back to normal again soon, talk to you soon!

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