Siobhan OH Fitness: 24 Hours Post Breast Augmentation

July 15, 2016

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Video transcription

Hello, 24 hours post-surgery and feeling great. So I’ll just explain what happened yesterday.

Going Under

I went in, got my room, got changed into my gown. They admitted me, took all my details, like, so many times. They have to make sure it’s the right person.

Then we went down to the surgery and I wasn’t nervous at all. The anaesthetist came in and introduced himself beforehand. And then, when I went in, he had put the thing in my arm and he’s like, “You’re gonna fall asleep any second now.” I was like, “What? No, you…” So, gone.

Waking Up

Next thing, I just kinda remember them waking me up and putting me into bed. Then I was just snoozing, and they kept coming in and checking my blood pressure every few minutes. Then eventually they were like, “Yeah, no, you’re fine. We’re going to take the bloody thing off.” And then they waited another hour or so, and the surgeon came in and had a look and said, “Everything looks good,” and told me not to lift any weights for a while and then I was good to go. So my dad came and collected me.


It wasn’t sore. They put this support bra on, and I can’t take this off for six weeks. So I’m going to have to, like, basically baby wipe myself here, only shower from the waist down, and wash my hair over the sink. Or call the Hair Lounge and ask them for a blow-dry.

Starting the Recovery

I came home yesterday, and I thought I’d have to go home and go straight to bed. I ended up baking brownies. This morning I’m feeling good. It’s a little bit tender, and I’ve taken my painkillers, everything but I think I’m just going to stroll down to the shops and buy some supplements and vitamins I was recommended to help the recovery.

I’ll do another video soon, just keep you all updated. And I couldn’t recommend the Avoca Clinic enough. It was an absolute pleasure yesterday. That’s it. Thanks for watching.

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