Something I’ve Wanted to Do for Years… Aoibhe Devlin’s Breast Reduction Story

March 6, 2019

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Hi everyone,

So I’m writing this chilling in the biggest arm chair in Culloden Estate. We are here for two nights and I just love it here. We stayed here back in November when it was all done up for Christmas. It’s such a beautiful hotel, really is. I love that it’s 15 minutes outside of Belfast so the views are so gorgeous from the rooms. We stayed in the Bishop Suite last time and the Cavehill Suite this time. Both are divine. My dad is from Belfast so I have always been up and down since I was younger. Both Sean and I love up here so much. Belfast is definitely one of our favourite cities. We leave tomorrow morning (Friday) and I’m going to take tomorrow-Sunday to chill with Lily with no phone. If you are a new follower then you won’t know this but at the beginning of 2019 I made a promise to myself to GET OFF MY PHONE! So I try to not use my phone, go on stories or post for a few days every week and spend them with Lily. I don’t want to look back when she’s two and realise I spent all this time on the stupid phone. So if you see me on stories and then not, you know why now Sorry for anyone that has to listen to me say that all the time but I’m conscious that new followers don’t know. This won’t be live until Sunday.

aoibhe devlin avoca clinic

Anyway onto the post at hand. I put up the questions thing asking what you all thought this might be and so many of you said to be a pilot and although yes that is correct I do, it’s not what this post is about. The something I have wanted to do for years is something that I have wanted to do since I was 16 years of age. I told my three cousins a few weeks ago and all three of them guessed it right straight away, they knew! It was mad as they are all much younger than me but still knew how much it has affected me.

So what is it?

A breast reduction

Firstly before I continue let me point out to you, this has nothing to do with the size that is on the tag. I would wear any size dress tomorrow if it looked good on me and I am the biggest advocate for dressing in what makes you feel comfortable & nice in. This is something I have struggled with for half my life.

So let me tell you my “breast story” and why I want this done. Basically, I got boobs aged 9 and was the only girl in my group to have boobs at the time. I instantly hated them and wouldn’t wear a bra as none of my friends wore one. I didn’t start wearing one until nearly 3 years later when I started in secondary school. At that stage, my boobs were really big and imagine I was only 12. I think by then I was a 32C and a big C at that. Throughout secondary school, I swam a lot and was a lifeguard. I hated that my boobs were so big and always felt so self-conscious about them. They grew and grew as they do and by 6th year I was a massive 34D. Over the past ten years, I have struggled so much with them especially with dressing. I always wore a high neck and never ever showed off my boobs. I wore minimiser bras the whole time just to make them look smaller. I wore a size 10/12 bottom but would always have to go up to a 14 for my boobs. The larger your boobs the larger the tops and dresses and you are also much more limited too with dressing. I worked in Brown Thomas for years, surrounded by amazing fashion pieces and fashion brands like Kooples and Maje but unfortunately, I couldn’t wear any of it. I had to stand a lot for my job in Brown Thomas too wearing heels so my back really suffered for a long time working there along with the added weight of my boobs.

I saved up in 2016/2017 and I was all set to get a breast reduction, then I fell pregnant in late 2017 and that couldn’t happen. At the time, I just knew my boobs were going to get much much bigger. I already had lower back problems and an incident in work in 2016 which I hurt my back so I knew my back would cause me a lot more problems throughout the pregnancy. Halfway through my pregnancy, I started to really feel it. My back was in extreme pain with the baby and my boobs also at the time. My boobs went from a 36DD to a 36G during my pregnancy so 4 cup sizes. They are currently a 36F now. When I had Lily last August, I took a few months to recover and let them “settle down”. Back in November last year, I sat down with my mum and Sean and said I’m doing it. I was becoming so upset about them and I knew I had to do something. My mum had surgery abroad a few years ago so I was planning on going there initially but then I really didn’t want to leave Lily for 12 days.

avoca clinic

I researched into a few different places and I decided to book a consultation in The Avoca Clinic in Wicklow. The Avoca Clinic is Ireland’s premier cosmetic surgery clinic staffed by top surgeons in Ireland. It’s a private, purpose-built surgery and aftercare facility so all under one roof. I had gone for a consultation back in 2016 with them so the lady had that on my file. I had my initial consultation and then met with the surgeon. The surgeon was very important to me and I wanted to know everything about what he had done previous etc. The surgeon is one of the top people in Ireland who works on breast reductions so I know I am in good hands. We spoke about sizing, implications and scarring. To me, scarring was the least of my worries as most of you won’t know this but I have a huge scar across my stomach from an operation I had as a baby. I was in & out and got my date for surgery so I won’t lie I’m a mixed bag of nerves. I am nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. My friend had to remind me to “snap out of it” as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for the last 14 years.

So I know so many of you are going to say #AD and no it’s not. I am not being paid one cent to promote The Avoca Clinic however they asked me if I was comfortable to share my story with my followers so it’s a collaboration. I know that I most definitely won’t be the only one to want this operation done so I am happy to share my journey with you all. Most people these days want bigger boobs so I thought it would be good for me to share my story of wanting smaller boobs. I had a great chat with fellow big boobed beauty Aisling Keenan. Go follow her if you don’t already, SOUND GIRL. Anyway, Aisling and myself spoke back in December about how it’s honestly very much a struggle with dressing and get stuff to wear having much bigger boobs. I told her (nobody else) about what I wanted to do and when I met her last week I was like, IT IS BOOKED. She couldn’t believe it and is dying to know how I get on now with it. Some of you have noticed my lack of fashion posts and honestly, I’m just totally not loving clothes at all right now. I am hating everything I put on and this is most definitely down to my boobs and trying to find stuff to wear. I love fashion and just want to be able to wear what I want again. This is something I have wanted to do for so so long and honestly something that has really got me so down over the years. I am not only doing this for cosmetic reasons but health reasons too. I’ve read so much online about how a breast reduction can truly change your life in so many ways. A lot of people these days want a Breast Enlargement while a Breast Reduction you don’t hear about as often. I thought by sharing this with whoever wants to read it, it may help someone make the decision to get it done too.

So I’m all booked in, three weeks tomorrow and I’ll be in there. AHHHHHH! I know I am in good hands in the Avoca Clinic so I’ll be fine. I won’t be documenting it through videos like other people may have done before. I will be doing it through my own Instagram Stories and Blog Posts. I’ll have a highlight for it on my Instagram for you to be able to check out. All blog posts and any stories or Q&A’s related to it, I’ll have in there. I will be doing takeovers on the Avoca Clinic Instagram page too. My next blog post will be up in April and it will be all about the operation itself, being in the hospital, leaving, pain, aftercare, at home, stitches, washing & cost etc. I’ll also be doing a Q&A with someone from The Avoca Clinic who will be able to answer lots of questions you may have. If you have any immediate questions about it you can check out their breast reduction FAQs or DM me on Instagram.

So that’s it for now. Wish me luck. Until next time Small boobs here I come, baby!

Love Aoibhe xxx

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is in collaboration with The Avoca Clinic.

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