Amy Wallace, Breast Augmentation

July 9, 2018

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My parents found the Avoca Clinic when we had lost all hope after several meetings with many different consultants throughout the years, who couldn’t help me in the way that the Avoca Clinic did.

I have had asymmetrical breasts for as long as I can remember, I was never comfortable in my body. By the time I was 14 the difference in my breasts was unavoidable with my right one being a cup size F and my left being a B. I couldn’t wear anything my friends could, I couldn’t sleepover in my friend’s house with the fear of them seeing how bad it was, I couldn’t go swimming, and I couldn’t step outside the door without feeling like everyone was looking at me.

After contacting the Avoca Clinic, I had an appointment with the surgeon in just 2 days, I knew I had found a solution the moment I heard the amount of compassion and understanding they had on the other side of the phone. When I walked into the clinic I instantly felt comfortable. When I met with the surgeon he made me feel at ease, I knew he could change my life, and 4 weeks later he did.

I couldn’t recommend the Avoca Clinic more, the aftercare was excellent and the nurses were the nicest I have ever met. I have never felt more confident and after years of avoiding looking at myself in the mirror, I can happily say I love myself.


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