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One of our most sought-after procedures, liposuction is transformative, affordable and one of the least disruptive cosmetic surgery processes you can undergo.

We’re especially proud of being able to offer “tickle liposuction” – an innovation that offers the same results of liposuction in a procedure that’s more pleasant and less invasive than traditional methods.

It’s also surprisingly affordable: Whether you’re concerned about thigh liposuction cost, tickle liposuction cost, abdominal liposuction cost or leg liposuction cost, we have cost-effective options to suit you.

Naturally, there are questions to be asked before undergoing liposuction. Here are answers to some of the most frequent queries…

We are delighted to offer Online Video Consultations with one of our Plastic Surgeons. During your online consultation, you will have the chance to ask all those questions you may have always wondered about.

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HD Liposuction at The Avoca Clinic


There’s liposuction, then there’s our highly-exclusive High Definition Liposuction. Revolutionary in every way, this innovative procedure can completely transform your shape, giving you the body you’ve always desired.


A combination of VASER® and Renuvion®, our HD Liposuction takes traditional lipo to the next level. Using ultrasound waves to target fat and tighten skin, our surgeons will expertly sculpt your body to highlight and enhance your desired shape.


Minimally invasive VASER® and Renuvion® work together as a dream team to give you instant, incredible results without the long recovery period.


We are the only clinic in Ireland offering this life-changing procedure, so give us a call today to book in a complimentary consultation.


What is VASER®?


A vast improvement on traditional lipo, VASER ® removes stubborn fat to enhance natural definition. However, what makes VASER® so special is the technology behind it.


This ultrasound-assisted liposuction uses fine VASER® probes to take out excess fat and shape the body. The ultrasound waves target, break up and liquefy fat cells making them easier to extract through a needle. Important tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and collagen are preserved, meaning a lot less damage to nearby tissues – and therefore less bruising and a quicker recovery time.


Suitable for multiple body parts, including chest, shoulders, abdomen, arms, inner thighs and bum, this procedure not only removes fat from problem areas, it can also be strategically re-injected into others to create shapely contours in all the right places.


What is Renuvion®?


Renuvion® is a cutting-edge treatment that helps to tighten skin, without the need to remove it – meaning minimal scarring and rapid recovery. This is formen and women who may have once required large scar procedures- now its all done with one machine!


A key-hole procedure, Renuvion® energy is applied under the skin which heats it. This causes the skin to contract, pulling it closer to the underlying tissue like a vacuum pack, in a way that is gentle but highly effective, while stimulating collagen production. You will be left with tighter, rejuvenated skin, without the need for surgery.


When used alongside VASER®, this transformative duo helps to create incredible body contouring results.

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Our HD Liposuction is changing the body shaping game. Whether you want help smoothing stubborn bulges, or to get a defined and sculpted muscular look, this procedure can help. This isn’t just fat removal, it’s complete body reshaping that will help reveal the best possible result for you.


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Your Questions Answered

Liposuction is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic procedures available. Sometimes referred to as “fat removal surgery”, it involves removal of stubborn fat cells from parts of the body such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, upper and backs of the arms, calves, and back. Knees and ankles are also becoming popular areas for improvement via liposuction.

Liposuction is especially popular among people with stable body weight who just want some more definition and sculpting.

Relatively speaking, it is not an invasive procedure. In fact, in Avoca, it doesn’t even involve a general anaesthetic.

Tickle liposuction is an innovation that offers the same results of liposuction in a procedure that’s more pleasant and less invasive than traditional methods.

A small instrument, called a cannula, is used to gently remove fat. The cannula doesn’t interfere with muscle or other non-fatty tissue. It is designed to stop as soon as it touches non-fatty tissue.

After the fat is removed, there is sculpting – which involves refining the work carried out.

Avoca Clinic used tickle liposuction, which is faster than its traditional counterpart; uses no anaesthetic and is less invasive.

Liposuction is not strictly a weight loss tool: Instead, it will help bring tone and definition to specified areas. Some examples include removing stubborn underarm fat; helping regain a toned stomach after childbirth and removing backfat.

Tickle liposuction can be used on many parts of the body. Our most popular areas are tummy, hips, bra rolls (back fat), love handles and arms. Often a patient can choose between standard and high definition areas depending on their chosen outcome.

Every medical procedure has inherent risks, but at Avoca Clinic we do our utmost to ensure that your experience is a happy, healthy and pleasant one. Liposuction is one of the least invasive cosmetic body procedures available, especially tickle liposuction.

We use “tickle liposuction” for most procedures. This has several advantages:

  • Tickle has a vibrating cannula, which supports better sculpting
  • No anaesthetic required, whereas traditional lipo requires a general anaesthetic
  • Tickle offers a much faster recovery time

Before the procedure, the focus area will be marked for the surgeons with a felt tip pen. Then you will take your position in the operating theatre. There’s a small pinch as the anaesthetic is applied, prior to the cannula entering the skin. Then you’ll be asked to take your position – lying on your front, side or back depending on what you’re having done. The actual procedure of tickle liposuction is only 1-2 hours long and can even be ticklish (hence the name). There is some recovery time (don’t expect to drive home), but nowhere near the traditional liposuction: Initial healing time is approximately 3 days.

Liposuction is a very specialised procedure, so it is tailored to each patient very carefully. Typically, a surgery takes between 1-2 hours.

Liposuction is a hugely popular procedure that’s best suited to people who are generally in good physical condition, but who want to address a specific area where fat cells can’t be removed with diet and exercise. A patients BMI must be under 30. If you have had children, or significant weight loss and have loose skin, then this may not be the right procedure for you.

It is not recommended as a significant weight loss procedure.

Immediately after the procedure, there is some inflammation, but positive results should be visible. Most patients will see significant improvements within a month. And the full outcome will be in effect within a few months (depending on the patient).

Liposuction enjoys a very high satisfaction rate, according to a recent study of liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) patients.

The study was published in the April 2012 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). It evaluated the quality of life and other outcomes in 360 patients undergoing liposuction and/or abdominoplasty to remove excess abdominal fat.

Patients undergoing liposuction rated their cosmetic outcomes an 8 out of 10 score on average. Overall, 86% of patients reported an improved sense of self-esteem after surgery. About 70% reported improved quality of life.

*Disclaimer – There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from patient to patient. Our team of consultant plastic surgeons will ensure you are in safe hands and discuss your results at your consultation.